Lecture Series

What is a Lecture Series?
A lecture series is a multi-part online presentation that focuses on one specific topic highly relevant to the Dental profession. Typically presented in 2 or 3 parts, each part builds on the next as the speaker walks you through the intricacies and nuances of the topic. Designed to be different, these lectures allow for constant interaction and conversation with the speaker to create a superior learning environment.

What Can I Expect?
  • Each part will start promptly at the scheduled time. Depending on the length of the lecture, there will be several planned breaks towards the top of the hour. At this time, there will be a poll to check in with you.
  • These are interactive presentations. We want and encourage your participation! If you have any questions for the presenter, you will place them in the Q&A box and they will be answered. Depending on the topic, these questions will be addressed throughout the presentation or during designated question and answers periods.
  • To encourage dialogue, occasionally the presenter will ask questions of the audience. Feel free to answer!
  • We’ll always wrap up in the allotted time (we know your schedules are packed!).
  • At the end of each part, we’ll review what you can expect in next week’s lecture.