Pediatric Dentistry for the Active Child

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  • 8 CEUs
  • Presented by:
    Stephen Mills D.D.S.

  • Date + Time:

    Saturday, September 10, 2022   8:30am - 5:00pm

  • Location:

    Embassy Suites Grand Rapids Downtown

    Meeting Room: Ballroom

    710 Monroe Avenue NW

    Grand Rapids, MI   49503

    (616) 512-5700

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    Dentists: $295.00

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    RDH or Aux. in attendance with Dentist: $155.00

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This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.

Pediatric Dentistry for the Active Child
Special Needs or Requests? Please call the office for assistance. Special Needs or Requests? Please call the office for assistance.

Course Description

Pediatric Dentistry for the Active Child
Dentistry for Children is fun, varied, simple yet complicated, challenging, rewarding, and very very important. No short lecture on pediatric dentistry can cover all of the things which comprise this specialty, but this presentation hopes to focus on the things that a dentist will come in contact with the active child. The most in-depth focus will be on dental trauma and sports related items.

The presentation is organized by age dealing with the dental activities that highlight different age groups. The four basic age groups and the topics to be covered are; infants, age 0-2 (feeding, frenal attachments, nonnutritive sucking, and primary tooth trauma); Age 3-5 or preschoolers (Behavior management for in office restorative treatment and the new dental paradigms of caries treatment including minimally invasive techniques such as the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride and the Hall technique), Ages 6-12, Elementary school age (permanent tooth dental trauma), Ages 13-18, Adolescents and high schoolers.(sports injury prevention and athletic mouth guards, poor choices available to adolescents such as smoking, vaping and the use of sugar sweetened beverages).

Active kids are healthy kids and oral health is a part of total health. But understanding the world of the child is challenging and putting it in the perspective of how children stay active is useful to treating them successfully and enjoyably. This will be as evidence based as possible and almost all of the examples and cases were treated and photographed by Dr. Mills himself. These will be real life examples that all of the attendees can envision seeing in their own daily practices.

  1. Introduction and explanation of Pediatric Dentistry for the Active Child
  2. Infant Oral Health / Age 0-2 years
    1. Feeding issues and tissue attachments (Frenectomy)
    2. Non nutritive Sucking (thumb/finger/pacifier)
    3. The Age One Dental Visit / The dental home
    4. Primary Tooth Dental Trauma
  3. Preschool Age / Ages 3-5
    1. An Overview of Handling Children’s Behavior
    2. Modern Paradigm of Restorative Pediatric Dentistry/ New Techniques
      1. SDF
      2. Hall Stainless Steel Crown Technique
      3. Current Primary tooth Pulp therapy
  4. Elementary School / Ages 6-12
    1. Arrival of Permanent Teeth
    2. Permanent tooth Trauma / IADT 2020 guidelines
    3. Case Studies viewing the patient as a total person with a future
  5. Adolescent and Teenage patients / Age 13-18
    1. Sports and injury prevention
      1. Risk of injury
      2. The Athletic mouthguard, history, types, effectiveness and fabrication techniques
      3. Teenagers making choices, tobacco use, vaping, sugar sweetened beverages
  6. Summary

The educational teaching methodology used in this course is live lecture presented in concert with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Both the live lecture and the PowerPoint presentation incorporate a variety of audio and visual cues to enhance audience members’ understanding and retention of key concepts. In addition, audience participation will be encouraged and facilitated by group discussions as well as question and answer periods provided for at the conclusion of each section of the live lecture."

This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.

What People Are Saying
  • "I found Dr. Mills to be a great speaker. He was engaging and the content was well prepared."
    Atlanta, GA

  • "Great presenter! Loved Dr. Mills' energy and personality."
    Freeport, ME

  • "Dr. Mills was so interesting and kept everyone interested!"
    Linda M. - RDH
    Bangor, ME

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  1. Put the dental life of a child in context of their age and abilities
  2. Understand the infant oral health needs
  3. Become familiar with laser frenulectomies
  4. Familiarize with current Primary tooth trauma guidelines
  5. Understand the concept of minimally invasive dentistry for the child patient
  6. Learn the details of the 2020 IADT guidelines for permanent tooth injuries
  7. Understand the basic concepts of sports dentistry and how to prevent dental injuries in sports
  8. Learn about the modern athletic mouth guard
  9. Familiarize with the ideas of tobacco use, vaping, sugar sweetened beverages of all types, and oral health

This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.

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