Sherri L. Warshaw   RDH, CTTS

Sherri L. Warshaw

Sherri began her career as a Dental Assistant in Miami, Florida 51 years ago. She attended the University of Cincinnati dental hygiene program and has been an RDH for the past 28 years licensed in both Ohio and Florida. For the past decade Sherri has interacted monthly with dozens of dental office staff in her position as a Professional Educator for Waterpik, Inc. This has provided her the opportunity to stay current in the dental world. After leaving clinical practice Sherri was accepted into the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center program and was certified as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. For the past 10 years she has been studying the constantly changing landscape of smoking trends and treating clients. Her passion in this field is motivated by her personal story of losing so many family members to smoking.
She has 25 years of experience working as a clinician in Periodontal Specialty offices and was a clinical instructor at the University of Cincinnati dental hygiene program. In addition to her dental career, Sherri is the owner and founder of Smokefree Steps, LLC. Her company works with individual clients, businesses, insurance companies, health and wellness providers, and schools to treat smokers and provide educational presentations. Connecting with people on a personal level in her dental and tobacco treatment careers has been a major goal for Sherri. Her presentations are current, passionate, and always contain humor. The goal when you leave the course is to walk out feeling knowledgeable and more to take on the challenge of partnering with your patient to become nicotine free.

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