Periodontal Disease Classification and Periodontal Therapy

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  • Periodontal Disease Classification and Periodontal Therapy

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Periodontal Disease Classification and Periodontal Therapy

Course Description

Periodontal Disease Classification and Periodontal Therapy
The new Classification of Periodontal diseases represent an opportunity in periodontal care. The staging of the periodontitis and subsequent grading of the progression based on systemic and local risk factors are valuable for periodontal therapy. This course will present an easy-to-follow path to the correct diagnosis of periodontal diseases, and the stage and grade of Periodontitis for your patients. The diagnosis sets the stage for personalized care for patients with periodontitis. The course will be a case-based discussion on diagnosis and individualized treatment planning utilizing the knowledge and tools provided by the new classification to provide periodontal and maintenance care.
We will answer these questions about your patients. What new innovations are there to control biofilms and inflammation in initial therapy? Which patients benefit from regenerative care, or advanced periodontal therapy? How do we identify these patients effectively? When do we know we have optimized the periodontal health and what are the endpoints for treatment?

Please note this live, interactive webinar will have an Exit Exam for those that need it for CE requirements. The Exit Exam will be provided at the close of the webinar with the evaluation survey.

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  1. The AAP classification outlined
  2. Grading and staging
  3. Periodontal risk assessment
  4. Individualized periodontal therapy
  5. Treatment planning
  6. Periodontal maintenance
  7. Assessment of treatment results

The educational teaching methodology used in this course is a lecture presented via live webinar in concert with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Both the live lecture and the PowerPoint presentation incorporate a variety of audio and visual cues to enhance audience members’ understanding and retention of key concepts. In addition, audience participation will be encouraged and facilitated by group discussions as well as question and answer periods provided for at the conclusion of each section of the live webinar."

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Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:
  1. Utilize risk factors in periodontal therapy
  2. Understand periodontal regeneration
  3. Understand treatment implications of the new classification
  4. Plan for personalized periodontal care
  5. Incorporate new treatment strategies into your practice.

What People Are Saying
  • "I really liked this speaker. He was very clear and precise on all points. He answered questions well. "

  • "I liked Dr. Geurs down to earth approach in presenting the facts and applying them to real life clinical situations, so it was clear and understandable. I appreciated his passion for his patients & expertise."

  • "Dr. Geurs explained the new staging and grading classification very well."


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