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Presented by Lynn Pencek

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PACE Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education

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Course Description


Once considered an elective for the privileged few, dental implants are now provided as a routine dental service. Long-term success for these patients is dependent on a collaborative effort with the dentist and dental hygienist, however, there is limited formal education about dental implant maintenance in the current US dental hygiene curriculum.

Even if a practice does not routinely place or restore dental implants, team members need to have basic knowledge of treatment options, components, and patient care protocols. With changing classifications about treatment considerations for peri-implant disease and advancements in technology it is not uncommon for dental hygienists to express uncertainty about patient care.

This program will review decision-making factors leading to maintenance protocols for implant cases ranging from a single tooth to full arch screw-retained restorations.

“The educational teaching methodology used in this course is live, interactive lecture presented via Zoom webinar with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Both the live webinar and the PowerPoint presentation incorporate a variety of audio and visual cues to enhance audience members’ understanding and retention of key concepts. In addition, question and answer periods are provided for at the conclusion of each section of the live webinar.”

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  1. Review history of osseointegration and dental implant therapy
  2. Discuss the treatment options and considerations for single tooth and full arch treatment concepts
  3. Identify dental implant components
  4. Discuss the treatment workflows for surgical referrals and total solution providers
  5. Review of aftercare, dental hygiene recall maintenance, and protocols for prevention of Peri-implantitis