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PACE Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education

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Course Description

Implants, Occlusion, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Surgery, Orofacial Pain, Orthodontics, Radiology

This is not your typical radiology course. Dr. Tamimi brings in her understanding of the craniofacial complex and how it interacts with not only itself, but also with the rest of the human body. The course is designed to relay this understanding to the participants through graphic representation and radiographic images. The anatomy viewed on the CBCT scan can give important clues to the patient’s condition and overall health and, when paired with the clinical information, can be integral to the development of a sound treatment plan. The CBCT scan presents the three-dimensional information to us. This course will teach you to derive this information from the scan. For each anatomic structure reviewed, the relevance to dentistry and how to manipulate the anatomy to find the necessary diagnostic information will be covered.

Included with this course is BeamReaders new oral radiologist led on-demand CBCT education. This video content you can enjoy at your own pace, and also refer back to it at any time as a reference. These are short videos covering foundations of CBCT, understanding 3D anatomy, and a comprehensive search pattern for going through a scan. This is a strongly recommended prerequisite to attending the live, virtual course. And you’ll receive an additional five (5) CE hours when you complete the content as well! Upon registration, the on-demand course will be added to your account within 1 business day for instant access.


  1. Introduction
    1. Understanding the craniofacial complex and viewing it as a whole
    2. Overview of CBCT technology and the ins and outs of image manipulation
  2. Maxilla and Mandible
    1. Overview and investigation of impactions, implants
    2. Risk factors for sleep-disordered breathing
  3. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
    1. Identification of pathology patterns
    2. Investigation of dental infection
  4. TMJ
    1. Evaluating the TMJ morphology, function and dysfunction and how it affects the rest of the craniofacial complex.
  5. Airway
    1. Evaluating the upper respiratory tract for sleep disordered breathing
  6. Cases Review / Questions
  7. Skull base and temporal bones
    1. Relevance to dentistry
    2. Overview of cranial distortions that may affect occlusion and upper respiratory tract morphology
  8. Cervical Spine – the gateway to the body

“The educational teaching methodology used in this course is live, interactive lecture presented via Zoom webinar with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Both the live webinar and the PowerPoint presentation incorporate a variety of audio and visual cues to enhance audience members’ understanding and retention of key concepts. In addition, question and answer periods are provided for at the conclusion of each section of the live webinar.”

No audio, video, digital recording or photography of any courses or speaker slides is permitted unless explicit consent is given by the presenter, BeamReaders or ConcordSeminars. This includes use of personal video cameras, tablets or cell phones by attendees to record speaker presentations in any manner.

REFUND POLICY for this event: A full refund minus processing fees will be issued for cancellations made up to 15 days prior to the start of the course. A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations from 15 days until the day of the course.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  1. Learn a systematic method of reviewing dentoalveolar CBCT scans to ensure you don't miss anything.
  2. Review the pertinent anatomy on a CBCT volume and how it relates to the multiple facets of dental treatment.
  3. Establish a problem-solving method when faced with an abnormality on the scan.
  4. Understand the importance of evaluating the TMJs radiographically to assess stability of the bite prior to dental treatment.

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How to Read a Cone Beam CT – Dentoalveolar Edition

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