Advanced Hygiene Therapy - Developing a Comprehensive Approach

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  • Advanced Hygiene Therapy - Developing a Comprehensive Approach

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Advanced Hygiene Therapy - Developing a Comprehensive Approach

Course Description

Advanced Hygiene Therapy - Developing a Comprehensive Approach
In treating today’s periodontal patient successfully, the clinician must customize a treatment plan that goes beyond the removal of plaque and calculus. Achieving excellent clinical outcomes involves assessing for systemic issues, communicating and customizing home care according to the patient’s level of understanding and ability to perform home care procedures, and choosing appropriate adjuncts to care. In this course, we will explore the multi-faceted treatment planning approach, including scheduling and coding, adjuncts to care, and choosing appropriate home care aids. We will examine liability risk and documentation, and we will also explore strategies for dealing with informed consent and refusal of definitive care.
  1. Etiology of periodontitis/host involvement
    1. Etiology and microbes associated with disease progression
    2. Bacterial complexes and role of viruses
    3. Role of biofilm
    4. Efficacy of various antimicrobials
    5. High velocity lavage
    6. Other risk factors
  2. Systemic interrelationships
    1. Diabetes
    2. Cardiovascular disease
    3. Respiratory diseases
    4. Other systemic diseases
  3. Adjuncts to care
    1. Interdental cleaning aids
    2. Flossing controversy
    3. Power brushes
    4. Systemic antibiotics
  4. Probing technique
    1. Protocol
    2. Angulation
  5. Clinical process
    1. Step-by-step debridement process
    2. Treatment planning by case type
    3. Implementing high-volume suction
  6. Scheduling
    1. Time consideration
    2. Recall systems
  7. Teaching homecare/interdental cleaning
    1. Customizing according to patient ability
    2. Changing home care behavior
  8. Coding considerations
    1. Using the most appropriate codes
    2. How to code the gingivitis patient
    3. Site-specific periodontal treatment
  9. Periodontal maintenance
    1. Debridement protocol
    2. Adjuncts to care
  10. Legal issues/refusal of treatment
    1. Informed refusal/informed consent
    2. How to deal with patients that refuse definitive care
  11. Wrap-up and questions

Ms. Glasscoe Watterson's presentation is didactic lecture using a comprehensive student handout and PowerPoint visuals. There is a pretest and numerous fill-in-blank reviews throughout the teaching session with ample time for question and answer interaction with the presenter."

Registrations for this live webinar have been closed.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:
  1. Understand the factors involved in periodontal breakdown
  2. Explore the most prominent systemic disease interrelationships with periodontitis
  3. Choose adjuncts to care based on severity and appropriateness
  4. Develop better clinical protocol
  5. Customize home care modalities and best interdental cleaning methods
  6. Understand which codes are most appropriate for particular case types
  7. Develop the best approach when patients refuse definitive care for periodontal disease

What People Are Saying
  • "I liked the ease at which difficult and complex information is presented in an understandable and digestible way. "

  • "Dianne made the learning fun with the cute pictures and personal antidotes. The images used to show disease as examples were great as well"

  • "The non biased presentation re: use of lasers and other dental equipment/ products. The handout. The reminder at the end to be grateful. I would add that I am grateful that I spent these 3 hours attending this webinar."


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Registrations for this live webinar have been closed.